Q+A with TikTok Superstar + Fellow Dog Lover, Mary Kate Moulton

TikTok Star and Fellow Dog Lover MaryKate Moulton

This week on the blog, I am thrilled to interview TikTok superstar Mary Kate Moulton. Mary Kate's videos are hilarious and witty and often starring a fluffy, well groomed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I started following Mary Kate on TikTok at the beginning of quarantine and her account quickly became one of my very favorite things to look at each day. I am definitely not alone as her videos have well over 5 million views! Truly incredible! I sat down with her to talk about her love of dogs and her rise to success on TikTok.

Enjoy our conversation below! 

Questions for TikTok star MaryKate Moulton

Mary Kate Moulton: I like most people my age, got started with Tiktok because of the lockdown due to Covid-19. My nieces and nephews thought I would love it, and encouraged me to get started. It was late April  that I made my first TikTok, and the rest is history...

Questions for TikTok star MaryKate Moulton

Mary Kate Moulton: I now have 3 Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels. Two girls and One boy. Their names are, Bagger Vance, Penne Pasta and Sera....They pick and choose when they want to do a TikTok video, I normally never ask them to be in one with me. Always up to them.

TikTok star and Fellow Dog Lover MaryKate Moulton
Mary Kate Moulton: Penne Pasta knows she is famous, as she was a top show dog all over the US for many years. All you have to do is mention her name to the show world and they all know Penne Pasta. She doesn't even need a last name!!! Bagger Vance and Sera, of course they think they are famous, but we don't tell them otherwise...
TikTok Star and Dog Handler MaryKate Moulton
Photo Courtesy of Mary Kate Moulton - Facebook. 
Questions for TikTok Star MaryKate Moulton

Mary Kate Moulton: I wasn't even able to walk when I got my first pet, which I believe was a bunny. Only to be followed by birds, goldfish, [from every school fair,] turtles, and then finally my first dog at the age of 5. He was a Golden Retriever named Puff the Magic Dragon. We called him Puff and he was my best friend.

Questions for TikTok Star MaryKate Moulton

Mary Kate Moulton: Way too hard to pick one. I couldn't even tell you my top 10. Everyday it brings joy, laughter and silliness all together. You actually start to build a family of friends that you have never even met.

TikTok Star MaryKate Moulton
You can find Mary Kate Moulton on Tiktok HERE