Q+A with Real Housewife and Fellow Dog Lover, Kameron Westcott of the Real Housewives of Dallas

I am absolutely thrilled to be interviewing Real Housewife of Dallas, Kameron Westcott, for today's blog post! 

If you watch the Real Housewives of Dallas, you already know how important animals are to Kameron and her family. There is rarely a home scene of Kameron's family without a dog or two featured! I was excited to see in the trailer for the Real Housewives of Dallas that Kameron and her castmates will be spending some time highlighting animal rescue in the upcoming season! Animal rescue is a huge part of my life and I am so glad so many of my favorite Housewives feel the same! 

We love seeing Kameron's pets on screen. My personal favorite Westcott pet is their senior English bulldog, Chunk. Chunk is such a dream and I love every time he shows up on our screens! I follow Kam on social media, and it makes me laugh each week when her husband, Court, gives Chunk his weekly baths outside.

Kam loves animals so much that she even started her own dog food company! The company, Sparkle Dog Food, combines her love for canines and her passion for pink. 

From the Sparkle Dog Food Website: 

Kameron noticed that the dog food industry has overlooked the purchasing power of women. She has made it her mission to create packaging that would appeal to women using bold pink colors, a unique shape and easy to carry bag. Her pièces de résistance was adding pink heart shaped kibbles.

Kameron has continued her passion for animal welfare by convincing her husband Court to invest in the first company that is going to bring kill free meat to the world. Kameron truly believes with “Louis” by her side, she can make the world a better place by spreading pink and everything that sparkles.

Learn more about Sparkle Dog Food here


We hope you enjoy our conversation below! 

I got my first dog for my 4th birthday. She was a miniature apricot poodle. I named her Peaches. She was with me my entire childhood until the summer before I left for college. 
Chunk who’s our 13 year old english bulldog. He is the oldest pet.
Lotus our Munchkin Bengal 8 year old cat.
Fanci who’s our blonde Pomeranian puppy who turns one next Monday. 

I have many wonderful memories with my pets...

Going to the first year ever of NY PET Fashion week sitting front row with my Yorkie Louis. Or being a guest at the Lela Rose Fashion show with him.
Taking my poodle Peaches in my childhood doll shopping cart all over town. Pretending she was my baby doll in my pretend baby stroller...or even asking my poodle to jump like an equestrian horse over jumps for treats. 

You can follow Kameron on Instagram @kameronwestcott, her dog Fanci Westcott @fanciwestcott and Sparkle Dog Food @sparkledogfood.